Norsvin Duroc

For producers looking for the combination of production efficiency and pork quality suitable for branded pork programs and quality oriented meat markets.

Norsvin Duroc is an efficient Duroc that excels in feed efficiency and fast growth rates when taken to medium heavy weights. Norsvin Duroc produces robust finishers with excellent pork eating qualities. A truly unique combination of efficiency and quality.

The best of both worlds: low production costs and great pork eating quality

Excellent finisher performance: Low feed conversion, high growth rate and high pig survival
Excellent meat quality: Above average intramuscular fat levels

When taken to medium heavy weights around 120 kg, Norsvin Duroc offspring show great finisher performance: growth, feed conversion, and survival rate are all way above average levels in commercial farms. Norsvin Duroc combines this with excellent meat quality characteristics. An intramuscular fat level of 2.5 % is above levels normally seen in other efficient Duroc boars.

Finisher performance 30-120 kg
Avg daily gain1120 g/d
Feed conversion2.35


Meat quality 95 kg carcass weight
Intramuscular fat2.5%
Meat colour, JCS3.2


Source: Four commercial farms, Norway and The Netherlands, 2014-2016. In total 3500-5000 pigs.

Purebred red Duroc for the ultimate quality brand experience

Norsvin Duroc is a beautiful purebred red Duroc, bred exclusively in Norway in a high health environment. The meat has a natural red color and is well marbled for the best possible eating experience. Norsvin Duroc is the perfect choice for branded concepts that aim to differentiate on quality meat produced in a healthy, welfare-friendly environment.